Saturday, July 7, 2012

Game Fixing, Twitter and the Next Chief Justice

So Don Allado became the latest twitter sensation and subject of primetime news telecast when he blurted allegations of game-fixing  to the league that he is a part of: the PBA.

I do not know which is a dumber move. The fact that he retracted the statement after he was slapped with half a million peso fine and a possible disbarment from the league or the fact that he claimed to have posted those messages in twitter while he was at the height of emotions.

Don Allado would not be the last twitter celebrity to commit this faux pas.

Despite several warnings and concrete examples of ‘think before you click’ incidents, celebrities both genuine and pseudo, seem to take pleasure on the habit of playing with matches at twitter only to say sorry when they realized they created a bomb capable of obliterating what’s left of their hiccupping, lackluster career.

Twitter is the new stage for those wanting to get noticed, heard or revive a career! 

Manny Pacquiao’s recent loss to Bradley ended up in a controversy because of claims of unfair officiating and so is Koko Pimentel’s inability to move on from 2010 issues versus Migs Zubiri and the LAKAS party.

Had Allado stood by his allegations, it would be an interesting testimony that could have demystified the legends of game-fixing in popular sports.

Allado’s proposition is interesting because if proven right it would make PBA no longer a sport but a form of entertainment not any different from WWF. Apparently the required proof to establish such a claim goes beyond a whimsical twitter post.

Can you blame Allado if he retracts it anyway? Koko Pimentel’s dispute went on for years and would have not been resolved if left with the COMELEC as with Loren Legarda’s claim versus Noli De Castro or Mirriam Defensor against FVR or Fernando Poe’s versus GMA.

In a country where allegations of manipulation require seven reincarnations to resolve, can you blame the whistleblower if he decides to take the less painful path?

So what makes Twitter the Bermuda Triangle of celebrity boo-boos, fake deaths and career harakiris?

Perhaps it’s the ease of having an internet connection and the comfort by which you type a message in a keyboard and the illusion of grandeur which multiplies as you gain thousands, even millions of twitter followers.

At the other side of the same coin, Laila De Lima accepted the nomination to be the next Chief Justice.

Should she become our next Chief Justice via NoyNoy's appointment I wonder if senior members of the Supreme Court would go to twitter and shout ‘luto!’

One of the main impeachment allegations against Corona was his perceptible bias towards the GMA administration. Apparently, the same cannot be said against De Lima and NoyNoy.

Daang matuwid characters are incapable of doing anything wrong! The yellow army is insulated from anything that is dirty or incredulous.

Post Script: The Search For The Next Chief Justice would be televised much like a reality show for transparency purposes and yes, you guessed it right- citizens are allowed to throw questions via TWITTER!


  1. thou shalt not tweet when upset... It's not talking, it's tweeting - if that is now in the dictionary.

  2. Let us add to the Disaster List whose public personas have been bashed by Tweeting: a) Valerie Concepcion b) The Rapture-Ready Miriam Quiambao c) Ruffa Gutierrez d) Tim Yap and the endless showdowns of Ruffa's Mom and Aga's Auntie.

    Ang saya-saya, ano?