Thursday, June 14, 2012

PBB Teens and The Untold Story of Philippine Heroes

Andres Bonifacio was the first runner up of Jose Rizal in the hit reality show ‘Search For The Philippine National Hero’.

Rumor has it that text votes started coming after a huge crowd gathered to witness the dramatic 'finale performance' of Rizal at Bagumbayan which eclipsed Bonifacio’s finale in an undisclosed location in Maragondon where his brother was the lone audience.

Known to many, Bonifacio is a veteran of reality search programs. He also joined the very popular ‘Search for the First Philippine President’ competition but sadly lost to Emilio Aguinaldo.

Emilio Aguinaldo was crowned winner at Kawit Cavite with his finale song entitled ‘Marcha National Filipina’ which has been revived multiple times (making it a multi-platinum hit) and is now known as ‘Lupang Hinirang’.

Lapu Lapu was the first winner of Survivor! He survived the harsh weather conditions at the island of Mactan and was able to convince the jury to hand him the title because of his impressive maneuvering of the tribe to oust Magellan via blind side. 

Sultan Kudarat was the winner of the second season.

Apolinario Mabini, tried to join the 'Amazing Race' but was disqualified due to his wheelchair’s mechanical advantage. 

Since then he joined ‘The Apprentice’ which declared him their first ‘work at home’ winner!

The first edition of the 'Philippines Next Top Model' was fierce!  The finale was between Maria Sinukuan (of the north) and Maria Makiling (of the south). 

Each of them wore a gown made by no less than Marcella Agoncillo who would later be tapped by Aguinaldo to stitch the first Philippine Flag.

The Katipuneros joined and was declared champion of the very first barangay dance showdown of Showtime held in Tondo, Manila. 

Almost at the same time, Juan Luna was chosen by the judges to be the first Pilipinas Got Talent Winner for his masterpiece- Spolarium.

Unknown to many, prior to joining The Search for the Philippine National Hero, Rizal first joined PBB Teens where he gained popularity for his charm and notoriety in making teenage girls fall in love as early as the age of 13. 

Reports say that Leonor Rivera and Segunda Katigbak where among the teen housemates that time. 


  1. I can't wait for the exciting conclusion of the latest reality show sponsored by the Daang Matuwid Productions entitled, "SEARCH FOR THE PHILIPPINES' NEXT TOP CJ!"

    1. I think they are re-thinking the title of the show and they currently have two options either Junior Master Chef: The CJ edition or The Malacanang APPRENTICE! Hahahaha!

      Thanks for dropping by Sir Joey!