Monday, February 4, 2013

The Interview, The Heretic and The Epals

If you think Ricky Lo’s interview with Anne Hathaway is embarrassing and awkward, where were you when Allan Peter Cayetano and Juan Ponce Enrile are busy throwing mud at each other?

If you think that Ricky Lo’s irritating set of questions fueled the inner bitchiness of Anne Hathaway, perhaps Senate President Enrile can recalibrate your standards of what ‘punching low’ means when he retaliated to the Cayetano siblings by throwing accusations to their deceased father, the late Rene Cayetano.

If Carlos Celdran can be jailed because of his disrespectful behavior to the church, why can’t we jail members of the Iglesia and Bro. Eddie Soriano who don't have anything to do in their respective TV shows but trash-talk one another?

If someone can be jailed for disrespecting religious practices, why can’t we jail priests who committed sexual abuse? Or members of the church violating the simple constitutional provision separating the church and the state?

If you think that you are still in a democratic country about to participate in a democratic exercise called ‘elections’ then why are you left with no choice but the same surnames?

If you think it is only in a monarchy that power and position can be passed down from one member of the family to another wait till you visit the beautiful country of the Philippines. Not convinced yet? Check the family tree in the Senate and in the Congress. If you don’t want to go far, go check the last three generations which occupied your city hall.

If you think that a surname alone can catapult someone to the Senate or to Malacanang, obviously Bam Aquino , JV Villar, Jack Enrile and Grace Poe think otherwise. It has to be rubbed in day in and out through perpetual ads in major TV networks.

If you think Cynthia Villar’s ‘hanepbuhay’ commercial is pre-mature campaigning where have you been when Chiz Escudero started co-hosting Kris TV? Better yet, when the LP Senatoriables started giving relief goods together with the Tuwid Na Daan King, NoyNoy, during a storm last year.

If you think we should fine the American government millions in US dollars for causing damage in our Tubattaha reef, don’t you think we should also fine Filipinos responsible for killing our very own Pasig River?

If you think that the recent shootout incident inside SM Megamall is a serious lapse in security, what do you call the inclusion of Anabelle Rama in this year’s election?