Wednesday, November 14, 2012


In the tradition of Christopher Lao (the lawyer who insisted ‘I was not informed!’ when asked about his decision to compel his car to whirl in a heavily flooded area) and Robert Blair Carabuena (the pig  HR practitioner who punched and cursed an MMDA officer) another online sensation was born today!  

Kudos to Claudine Baretto for championing this public display of outburst school of behavior!

Thanks to the advent of technology too! Today there’s nothing more dangerous than a pissed off citizen, a public servant in uniform doing his/her job and a random bystander with a cellphone camera.

The online universe called her AMALAYER and by now she is on her way to become another youtube and twitter trending icon.

Well at least until another one takes her place.

Her offense: ‘misbehaving’ in a public place shouting at a lady guard for allegedly mistreating her by asking her to have her bag inspected as a protocol.

AMALAYER retaliated in full volume and predominantly in English while uttering the sentences ‘may pinagaralan akong tao!’

Alright then, if there’s a lesson that can be derived from this incident it is that: ‘not anyone that goes to school can be called ‘may pinag-aralan’

Attending a school and being educated are two different things.

Truth is, AMALAYER didn't utter expletives, she didn't even dare punch the lady guard. She raised her voice yes and made a scene using an armalite of repetitive english words.

The ugly truth is, this girl is not the first person in the Philippines to have used the English language to highlight how she is supposed to be a cut above the rest and acted as if she is entitled to humiliate anyone in uniform.

Oh common! This country worships, loves, fears, adores the English-speaking segment of the population! 

We equate the English language to some sort of supremacy and some even go to the extent of correlating it with intelligence quotient.

No wonder no one takes Lito Lapid seriously. Well, not until Tito Sotto displayed his arrogance brilliance!

The funny thing is reactions have been predictable, following the same pattern of those who gained ‘stardom’ before her.

Generally people were appalled, some chose to make fun of it (as the case of the picture above from twitter) and some of course say that it is just a snapshot.

And a snapshot is not enough to tell a story. 

Well true, but for now, AMALAYER would just need to stomach the public disparagement, take down her online social accounts for a while, hibernate.

Or she could do one thing, be elected as a representative in the Philippine Congress or Senate and invoke her right to parliamentary immunity!

Tama Tito Sen?


  1. gaya nga ng nabanggit ko sa chuwirrer, yung ibang tao natuto lang mag ingles kala mo kung sino kung umasta at tratuhin ang ibang tao.

    at yung sinasabi niyang "may pinag aralan siya"..... really? sa asal niyang yan?


  2. That girl is really nasty. tsk tsk... Hindi naman dapat ganun umarte ang may pinagaralan, actually, kahit wala kang pinagaralan, hindi dapat ganun ang asal. :D

  3. Too many hypocrites. You know what makes her different from the lady guard (let's say she really hurt the girl), that boss or professor of ours who humiliated us in public, or backstabbers? She was caught on video and that's too unlucky for her. Filipinos have always been passive viewers without analyzing situations. That's why I love UP students, unforgiving but critical. They were the only ones in my FB timeline who, not really defended, but made it less worse for the girl.

    With the language used, what's wrong with that? She's from LaCo I believe, it's in her nature to speak that way, it shouldnt have been an issue!

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    2. I've made a few research about it, about what had really happened and you know what? Ms. Salvosa refused to put her bag on the tray upon entering the station for inspection (well of course, educated or at least someone attending to a school would definitely know that inspection of bags upon entering establishments are compulsory) tapos sabi ni Ms. Casinas *the lady guard* "miss anung problema mo?" and then ayun na.. Ms. Salvosa started screaming and yelling and freaking out to the public humiliating Ms. Casinas, who in turn is trying her best to stay calm despite of embarrassment.

      Kung iisipin, may mali din naman si Ms.Casinas hindi dapat siya nagsalita sa ganoong paraan. Subalit, Datatpuwat.. hindi makatarungan ang naging reaskyon o tugon ni Ms. Salvosa. Sobra naman ata yun. Hindi ata gawain ng taong "may pinag-aralan yon" na in the first place ginagawa lang naman ng guard ang trabaho niya? At ang simple simple lang nman ng nangyari eh bat kailangan pa niya mag react ng ganun? Bipolar? Manic stage? Ok. maybe Ms. Salvosa is just having a bad day.. but to treat someone like that? its unacceptable. what about respect for human dignity? and taga LaCo siya kaya ganun din magsalita? ganun na kababaw mga estudyante ngayon? siguro hindi na ko magugulat kung sasabihin mo pang taga LaCo siya kaya she's acting like a brat. at dinamay mo pa talga ang school ah... for sure ikahihya siya ng mga taga LaCo sa pinakita niyang ugali. tsk!

      Hindi naman issue dito yung mga salitang ginawa niya eh, naging comical and novelty lamang siya dahil sa paulit ulit niyang paggamit ng mga salita. Ang tunay na issue dito eh yung maliitin niya yung lady guard in public. Walang sino man ang may karapatang maliitin ang kapwa tao niya.

      Ang buong pangyayaring ito ay ang price that she has to pay. she acted that way in public so this is the consequences to her actions.

      "No evil propensity of the human heart is so powerful that it may not be subdued by discipline." - Seneca