Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Ugly Truth: Catholic Voting Bloc and RH Bill

In light of the heated debate on the RH Bill, members of the Catholic Church threatened that the ‘catholic voting bloc’ would be felt in the 2013 midterm elections and deny any pro-RH politician a seat in either the senate or the congress.

Remind me again that the bishops are not hallucinating or in a trance when they said this? What voting bloc are they talking about?

The existence of the ‘catholic voting bloc’ if at all it can be confirmed would also pave the way for us to ascertain the existence of mermaids, unicorns and Santa Claus!

If its any consolation, it can be noted that through out history everything that the Church opposed in time became a universal fact. Classic case is that of Galileo who insisted that the sun and not the earth was the center of the solar system.

If at all something can be derived here, apart from the fact that the Church has been the staunchest bully in the history of politics and mankind, it is that the Church cannot be trusted to interpret scientific arguments.

One of the main tenets of our constitution affirms the separation of the Church and the State but for some reasons the Church has always found its way to dip its fingers to the affairs of the state.

Unless we have all forgotten, the Church is the single entity in this country that is absolved and insulated from the claws of ‘tax’ making them invincible from audits and inquiries.

Truth is, the Church has so much in its plate right now. 

The age-old allegations of unresolved sexual assaults conducted by its members, the dwindling number of believers and followers, the advancement of science and technology challenging most their basic belief and the ongoing debate on its relevance in light of the many religions that exist (which is not as restrictive or dogmatic).

Truth is, the Catholic Church in the Philippines could have used its power and influence to tackle and force our crooked politicians to resolve issues on rampant poverty and corruption and help its indigent parish to bring to light their plight on sub-standard education and hunger.

But they chose to dip their fingers on the RH Bill.

Yes, the RH Bill.

They turned their back and insisted on NOT answering the question on how they have educated their parish on responsible parenthood.

It is said that the crooked politicians would rather have a constituent that is uneducated and poor because by doing so they retain their power every election.

The ugly truth is, the same can be said of the Church. They would rather have people who are hungry and people who don’t have anything to eat or a decent place they can call home or adequate access to the right education.

Because by doing so they retain their influence and relevance.