Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pacquiao-Bradley: The Not So Shocking Results

The results are now out and it was a result that was not expected by the majority but is nevertheless one that is waiting to happen. Prior to Bradley, the last four fights of Manny has been won not by KO as he would have usually done it in the past but rather, by the verdict of the judge either majority or unanimous- the last one with Marquez being extremely controversial if not questionable too.

At least now we know how Mexico felt last year. 

Let us all rise and hear the first reading of the gospel according to Manny. 

‘Thou shall not punch a man on his face, or make him bleed, or knock him out unless you earn 70% of the pay-per-view profit’

Boxing is the modern incarnation of the game that Roman’s fondly call as ‘gladiator match’, masquerading as a sport via the introduction of a pair of gloves and a 12 round rule. Boxing brings out the savage, violent and often primitive instincts of the expectators. So it’s quite an irony that a recently converted ‘Man of God’ makes this his bread and butter. 

Professional boxing is not about national pride or carrying the flag of the country. This is no Olympics. Professional boxing has been, and always will be about money otherwise people like Bob Arum wouldn’t have existed. 

In professional boxing, money is the root of all cancelled match-ups. 

Yes my dear kababayans, the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was killed multiple times because of the dispute on who goes home richer and not because of who uses drugs or who is afraid of who. 

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All rise for the reading of the second gospel according to Manny.

‘Thou shall not leave your friends even if they are crooked politicians, or gamblers or womanizers. Thou shall still make them part of your entourage and accompany you even when you preach the word of God’

Now it can be told many congressmen lost a significant portion of their ‘savings’ because they have so confidently placed their bet on Manny. The question is how will they recover? When is the next release of the pork barrel again?

The only way to verify or should I say quantify the financial impact of Manny’s recent loss is by inspecting the SALN of the congressmen. I wonder if they will declare the loss as ‘liability’ once they fill it out. 

BREAKING NEWS: Freddie Roach OUT as Manny’s coach! Claudine Barreto IN.

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All rise for the third and final reading of the gospel according to Manny. 
‘Thou shall not watch NBA prior to a scheduled fight unless you want to walk in late and let your opponents and viewers wait.'

If at all, it can be called contribution- Manny just introduced to the entire world what ‘Filipino Time’  means and redefined ‘diva’ to mean as ‘you are the challenger- you wait till I am ready.’

If there is anything that made me upset today it’s the once in a lifetime opportunity to become multimillionaire by placing my bet on the ‘perceived underdog’ that is Bradley. 

Sure, the win might not be convincing. But let me ask you this- who prepared well and long? Who was hungrier? Who has the better motivation? Your answer is as good as mine. 

Pacquiao being a veteran in the ring knows for a fact that the only way to obliterate politics and subjectivity in the world of boxing is to knock out the opponent. A feat he failed to convincingly do in his last five match ups- leaving his fate to the judge’s scorecard. This time the gods did not favour him.

So is a Pacquiao- Mayweather duel still possible? All I know is that when it happens, it’s not about the flag or national pride. Never.


  1. I couldn't agree more about the money! I never regarded MP as a hero - more of an entertainer.

    More $$$ on the rematch and MP must now focus. He idolizes Rocky - he should follow the storyline of Rocky 3. hahaha...

    and for letting the opponent wait, he could have heard about Miyamoto Musashi - but his strategy was way off Musashi's.

  2. will share this po on my fb ha....tnx a lot...i love your article!

    1. Sure please do! There are other articles in this blog too, you might want ti check em out! ;) thanks!