Saturday, September 22, 2012

2012 UAAP Cheerdance Results: Quasi-Facts, Absolute Rumors

UE courtside reporter made a big booboo at the start of the competition whe she shouted ‘Are you ready UP?’ as opposed to ‘UE’

Never did we know that it was a foreshadowing of  their team sporting blonde hair during their routine. The blonde hair was made popular by last year’s champion UP.

In the spirit of fairness we asked Sen Sotto if he was the one who advised UE to copy UP.

Reliable source from UE actually said that their peg was that of Charice and not of UP. Ok we get it.

Much to the surprise of many the NU Bulldogs delivered a refreshing performance incorporating well-loved Disney themes such as ‘A Whole New World’ and “Beauty And The Beast’ which got many wondering why ‘Lion King’ was snubbed?

As an appropriate homage to their school's official monicker the ‘Lion King’ theme was actually reserved by the FEU Tamaraws.

The FEU Tamaraws delivered a routine with the ‘jungle’ theme. They vehemently denied allegations that they were inspired by the story of Lolong (the biggest crocodile in captivity).

UST delivered another lackluster performance. The last time they claimed the championship in the CDC was 6 years back, asked to comment on the issue their coach said: ‘kayo kaya bahain almost every week ewan ko lang kung makapag practice pa kayo!’

She has a point there.

Unannounced Special Awards:

Tito Sotto Excellence Award: UE Red Warriors
Thanks for Joining Award, Rehearsal Of The Year: Adamson
Intermission of the Year Award: De La Salle University
Kutis Mayaman, Costume Mayaman Award: The Ateneo
Disney Child Friendly Award: NU Bulldogs
Camel Toe and Santol Award: UP Pep Squad

On a side note, Samsung was asked to comment why the prize for the first placer is only 340,000 PhP? A representative said that they were supposed to award 1M pesos but unfortunately they had to pay Apple for their recent loss in the patent war.

Despite Samsung’s logo prominently pasted in the arena many spectators doubt that they are indeed the sponsors of the event. Everybody thought Cebu Pacific was behind the event because of the abusive delay in the announcement of winners.

BREAKING: Although they did not place for this year’s CDC competition the UE Warriors are determined to go back next year with a vengeance. They already have a concept: KALBO. 


  1. UE sucks so bad of copycats much ?

  2. dami kong tawa sa baha sa UST.. hahaha!

    UST lost their creativity and power na eh I dunno what happened nawala na yung magic nila. Ang korny ng ADMU nakakainis ginawang kalokohan ang UAAP cheerdance.. seriously? Voltes V? Ateneo?

    natuwa ako sa FEU, entertainment value ang hatid :)

  3. Meowife- at least they made headlines sa twitter. :) seriously though, the final rankings should make them realize things.

    Russell- their last crown was 6 years ago ever since the UAAP invited international cheerdance judges they have failed to consistently place. A lot of it has to do with the fact that they are a dance troupe and not really a pep squad. It might be a high time to create a group that would concentrate the entire year in making one cohesive routine.

    Then again- not to take it away from them UST of the past was a force to reckon with in terms of synchronization, grace and execution. They also seem to have lost the confidence. To top it all, they have been so complacent and did not innovate. Hence we see the emergence of FEU.

    Agree, this is by far FEU's most loveable performance. I would not protest if they snatched the crown.

    1. tama! every year nag i-improve sila pataas. love ett!

      crown talaga? parang miss universe lang. hehe