Saturday, September 8, 2012

Next Attraction: Maligno in Malacanang

In a radio program, Korina Sanchez recently made a remark that a dark, little monster is eyeing the DILG post after the demise of Sec. Jesse Roberdo, to quote Korina’s original statement ‘maitim na maliit na maligno’.

A few days after Korina made the statement, Binay’s camp said that the  comment was uncalled for and was in fact under the knee belt!

The plot thickened when Mar Roxas, Korina’s husband, in defense of his wife said ‘tabi, tabi po’ ‘bato bato sa langit ang tamaan guilty!’

In a joint press conference, Mother Lily and Binay denied rumors of the Vice President starring in latest  installment of Shake Rattle and Roll horror series.

Immediately almost after the press conference,  VP Binay filed a complaint at Korina’s home network so ABSCBN can investigate the alleged unethical and unfair comments.

To settle the dispute the Kapamilya network called an albularyo to conduct a ritual called ‘tawas’ using a basin of water, a spoon and melted candle. You don’t want to know what image appeared in the ‘tawas’ session.

image from

Binay’s camp inferred that perhaps Korina is still bitter of Mar’s loss in the 2012 elections and Korina was like 'pag nag comment bitter na agad? hindi ba pwedeng taklesa lang muna?'

Binay’s camp was also quoted saying ‘sayo na ang DILG sa akin ang 2016!’

If Binay would win the 2016 Presidential elections, it would make Malacanang the official residence of the 'laman-lupa'  or if you will- nuno sa punso, having housed one dwende in the past and a maitim, maliit na maligno in the future.

If Mar Roxas has any shot of reclaiming his failed presidential bid he has to shine bright in his new post as DILG chief.

Apparently, former Mr. Palengke has some big tsinelas shoes to fill after the Sec. Jessie Robredo and PNOY was like ‘Mar! Chance mo na to!’

Unfortunately, after using the monicker Mr. Palengke and Mr.Padyak, Mar cannot use Mr. Tsinelas because it has been identified with the late Jessie Robredo.

Commedian-Senator Sotto however gave a brilliant suggestion! ‘Ano ka ba Mar? Walang plagiarism law sa Pilipinas! I-english mo lang yan pwede mo nang gamitin. Try this: Mr. Slippers!

The clown-lawmaker also added: ‘to make it more masa ask Ramboo to be your sponsor as instead of Havaianas! Better yet, bring back the good old Alpombra!’

Unknown to many but obvious for one apparent reason, both Korina and Binay were secretly happy that Robredo’s passing happened years before 2016.  

Had it happen months before the presidential elections Leni (the wife) would have won by a landslide preventing both of them from clinching the Malacanang post. 

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