Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sotto's Sin

The online community has been calling for Sotto’s resignation since the first part of  his Turno en Contra speech for the RH Bill discussion which exposed his proficiency in copying, pasting (or to his staff’s own words- ‘lifting’) entire passages from different authors word per word.

Seriously? We expect a comedian-senator to suddenly develop decency overnight after displaying an extreme case of ignorance, arrogance and entitlement?

I do not know which rule applies best here:

A.     You cannot teach hominids new tricks
B.    There’s no point arguing with a fool, specially if he is Senator of the Philippines

Sotto has been called many different names in twitter and in facebook- 100% of the time they are downright condescending. But the truth of the matter is he might not even know what ‘condescending’ means.

All he knows is that he is ridiculed and by fighting the RHBill’s passage into law he is doing God and the people of the Philippines a great service.

Enter music:

‘Sinong dakila?
Sino ang tunay na baliw?
Sinong mapalad?
Sinong tumatawag ng habag?
Yoon bang sinilang na ang pag iisip ay di lubos?
O husto ang isip ngunit sa research ay kapos?

Okay, I do not want to be charged of plagiarism so I’ll ‘SOTTOFY’ the passages above and translate it to English:

Who is noble?
Who is the real fool?
Who is fortunate?
Who begs for charity?
Those who are born mentally incapacitated?
Or Sotto?

Come to think of it, because of the honorable senator, the issue of plagiarism is very much alive. 

Discussions on what constitutes plagiarism, why it is a mortal sin inside and outside the classroom is being brought to the attention of Filipino citizens.

Suddenly its not just about reproductive health and condom and how it all ties up to what God wants us to do in terms of procreation. Suddenly its all about jokes at the Senate halls, English-Tagalog translations, twisting of intent and meaning, ego, arrogance and utter lack of logic.

Fine, we cannot force the clown to resign and perhaps laws in the Philippines might not be sufficient to hold a comedian-senator accountable for his intellectual blunders but one day I sure hope someone steps up and turn the entire circus into a Cirque-de-Soleil level.

Request for a senate investigation and invite Sotto’s professors in Letran and ask them how this man managed to escape college without understanding the basic tenets of logic and without any grain of comprehension of what plagiarism is.

Perhaps, we can ask how a man voted by the citizens of the Philippines to craft laws has become so full of himself that he lost his basic respect for the intellectual property of others.

Sotto’s greatest sin is not that he committed plagiarism or his ignorance. His greatest sin is arrogance. 

BREAKING: Webster is seriously considering using 'Sotto' as a synonym of the word 'copy'. 

Example: Instead of using 'copy and paste', one can just say 'Sotto and paste'.

'You are nothing but a second-rate, trying hard, Sottocat!'  --- from the movie A Star Without Glitter

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