Monday, May 13, 2013

I-Nancy Binay Mo!

You see it’s not the end of the world even if Nancy Binay becomes a Senator of the Republic of the Philippines.

Her win teaches us three valuable lessons in life.

One, that it doesn’t matter how much condemnation she garnered in social networking sites at the end of the day what matters is how much reach do these social networking sites have.

While we might think that we are a country obsessed with facebook and twitter, the sad fact is that majority of the population doesn’t have access to decent meal three times a day, so how can you expect these people to care what is circulated and shared on facebook and twitter?

If election is a matter of number of shares and retweets we might have had a different set of Senators today.


PNOY: Krizzy, andaming nanlalalit pa rin sa akin hanggang ngayon sa facebook!
KRIZZY: Ano ka ba PNOY? Ok lang ma-Nancy Binay no! Tingan mo ako they say a lot of nasty things about me on twitter pero nina-Nancy Binay ko lang!

Two, there is wisdom in following the old adage ‘less talk less mistake’.

You see, the great Nancy Binay did not engage in any debate in national TV. Sure, she didn’t get to outline what her platforms are but it also insulated her from saying the wrong things.

So if you are a fresh graduate or a professional who plans to snatch a job and you are not really sure how to go about it. Take Nancy’s example: skip the interview.


Jobseeker 1: Pare, andami ko nang pinag-applayan pero hindi pa rin ako matanggap!
Jobseeker 2: Pare kasi pag interview na i-Nancy Binay mo!

Three, there is great value in being an OJT for 20 years. I will not expound on that further.


Father: Son, what will you do after graduation?
Son: Gusto ko pong maging Senator someday so mag-Nancy Binay po ako sa inyo!


Pacman wins anew as a Congressman while wife Jinkee wins a Vice-Gubernatorial seat at Sarangani. Anabelle Rama though got denied of a congress seat in Cebu.

Anabelle Rama should change residences and move from Cebu to Saranggani.

Convicted plunderer and deposed President ERAP edged out Lim in the mayoralty race in Manila.

GMA shouldn’t worry about being convicted for plunder then. All she needs to do  is act old and sick, ask for pardon and give it some time so she can run and win as mayor in any city of her choice.

Jack Enrile’s foiled attempt to grab a senate seat tells us that sometimes, two Maalaala Mo Kaya episode isn’t just enough.

Nancy Binay denied all attempts to get her into a debate during the campaign period saying that she would rather have it in the halls of the Senate. I wonder if the brilliant Miriam Defesor Santiago would waste her energy too.


  1. Every threat is only an opportunity unnoticed right? Let us harass Nancy out of the Senate through social media. Demand everything from her sal-en to her future plans to every bill she wishes to pass. Daang matuwid and all. Democracy does not end when elections do. This will be fun.

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    2. Didn't it occur to you that somehow Nancy can do something? Have you ever thought of giving Nancy a chance to prove herself like how you want to prove something out of your freedom of expression?