Sunday, September 29, 2013


Once convicted plunderer and Senator of the Philippines, Jinggoy Estrada delivered a privilege speech last week after his name was heaved at another plunder case this time with fellow thieves senators Bong Revilla and Juan Ponce Enrile.

In that speech, Jinggoy complained how it was so unfair for the public to judge them based solely on the COA report and the account of the whiste-blowers.

Taxpayers, let us say sorry to Jinggoy for being so unfair. Never mind if we are robbed every month of our hard-earned income year in, year out. Nakakahiya sa kanya. 

In that same speech Jinggoy tried to discredit the COA report by pointing out process flaws and throwing ad-hominems to the COA Chairman.

COA, please say sorry to Jinggoy for implicating him on your PDAF audit. Never mind if he used the same report to point fingers to his fellow high-profile snatchers and thief at the senate and in the congress.

If that is not nincompoop personified I don't know what that is. 

In that speech too Jinggoy revealed that 50 million pesos worth of PDAF (pork barrel) ‘incentive’ was given to each senator who voted to convict Corona.

Ex-CJ Corona, please do the honors and thank Jinggoy for exposing this irregularity. Never mind if he admitted to have accepted the additional 50 million allocation too and never thought it was wrong during that time until he found himself in this shituation now.

True to the movie star that he is, he injected a punch line in his speech by mentioning how a certain public official also has questionable transactions involving millions of pesos with Jollibee.

Which makes you wonder if this clown-senator wants to somehow make this pork-barrel saga a telenovela by calling Jollibee in the succeeding senate inquiry?

Or perhaps if you want to make it more literal, which is more questionable? Millions worth of yumburgers with receipts or millions worth of shadow projects?

If there is such a thing as poetic justice we might be seeing Jinggoy behind bars for his second plunder case.

But another conviction for this shameless high-profile thief is more indicative  of us as a nation rather than him and his kind.

Long as it is (not mentioning how it lacks substance) by any standards, the 14 page speech failed to dispute and address the allegations thrown at the thief Senator- that one question that demanded concrete, absolute and concise answer- did you or did you not do it?

But such truthfulness cannot be demanded or at least expected of a man whose morals have been questionable in the first place, more so a man who has been convicted of plunder and voted back to the senate, more so of a specie called Filipino politician.