Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dear Filipino Youth, You've Got Mail!

Dear Kababata,

If you are doing a research paper please don’t do it Sotto style. If you have plans of becoming a Senator some day, there are other templates to choose from.

If you wish to legislate laws in the future or engage in debates concerning national interest, please attend your logic classes and listen intently.

If you are a member of the Student Council or holds a leadership position, start learning what accountability and command responsibility means. Pointing a finger at your people does not make you faultless.

Please learn the difference between an apology and passing blame. Otherwise, even if you become a Senator of the Philippines or his attorney you won't be insulated from being perceived as a hopeless case of being eternally dumb and mutually arrogant.

If you are by any chance a resident of Cebu, please spare our country from shame and ask Annabelle Rama to back off. Tax payer’s money need not be spent or entrusted to a war freak, power hungry woman who has been stripped off of breeding ever since God knows when.

If you by any chance, believe that Raul Roco or Dick Gordon or even Jesse Robredo is the best president we never had, take it upon yourself to educate your peers and those within the circle of your influence. If you fail to do so, prepare for doomsday.

Rich, middle class or poor, it took a lot of resources and investment on your parents part to send you to school so unless you are suicidal by nature, stay away from fraternities with life threatening initiation rights. What use do you have with brotherhood if you are six feet under the ground?

If you happen to be a product of Class A Philippine tertiary education please make sure you manifest it. Do not slap an MMDA officer just because you are pissed.

Gone are the days when suspension of classes because of a visiting storm is fun. Recent flooding events have rendered the entire country paranoid. So next time you feel like not coming to school don’t wish for rain.

As you progress from high school to college you’d understand how you are suppose to evolve into a waterproof creature. Bear in mind that your metamorphosis should be complete once you become part of the workforce. There is no such thing as suspension of work either you sink or swim.

Invest not in SUVs or three-storey abode but make sure you have rubber boats too!

The idea that flooding is caused by poor waste management is partly true but there is more to the recent flooding than garbage.

The idea that we are a poor country because of the leaders we elected is also partly true but there is more to being a third world nation than sub-standard election choices. 

Do not be swayed by the idea that a mere impeachment or change in leadership would make things better. Understand that there is a difference between starting point and end point. There is a reason why ‘ningas cogon’ is a behavior attributed to Filipinos.

Lastly, next to light and sound, information now travels at unbelievable speed, case in point is your Twitter account. Use it wisely. There’s more to life than trending PBB Teens or Justin Bieber. 

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