Friday, August 3, 2012

Trash Talk

Rumor has it that Face-To-Face (popular TV show hosted by Amy Perez, TV 5) is busy preparing for the most anticipated episode of the century featuring Annabelle Rama, Amalia Fuentes and Nadia Montenegro!

The much-awaited episode came into picture after negotiations between Claudine and Mon Tulfo fell off the cracks.

One of the highlights of the episode apart from the 1-hour trash talking and chair-throwing would be an interactive survey conducted via text votes twitter messages.

SURVEY: Sino ang gusto niyong awayin ni Tita Annabelle susunod?

Via Text: AMOK_(Name of Kaaway) and send to 2366 for all networks
Via Twitter: @faceTOface use the hashtag #amok #F2FAnabelle

That’s one world class, interactive, trash talk reality TV for all Pinoys to enjoy!

Speaking of trash, the Guinness Book Of World Records has been invited to inspect Manila Bay and see if it would qualify as the world’s biggest water-based dumpsite.

The inspection was conducted after Typhoon Gener but even before that, DENR and DPWH have been convinced that Manila Bay is indeed the next Payatas.

Still on trash, De Lima’s Chief Justice dream is at risk of being dumped after the IBP ruled that the case filed against her (disbarment for her defiance on previous Supreme Court ruling) should be pursued. Under JBC rules a candidate for CJ should not have any pending case.

PNOY was quoted saying that Malacanang lawyers are helping De Lima to sort this out. JBC was supposed to give NoyNoy the names of the shortlisted candidates end of July but it did not happen.

We have a saying in Filipino, ‘basurang tinapon mo babalik din sayo’.

Next week, we would witness hypocrisy and ideology clash at the Congress and in the Senate as our honorable lawmakers put the RH Bill to a vote.

Whether or not it would be trashed depends on how many Congressmen still fears the oldest bully the world has known and we popularly refer to as the Catholic Church.

All eyes are on Manny Pacquiao who is a known critic of the RH Bill in public but a notorious proponent of extra-marital affairs in person.

BREAKING: Manny Pacquiao is being considered to play the role of Two-Face in the next Batman Series.

POST SCRIPT: Manny Villar is willing to partly solve the garbage problem of Metro Manila. 

Rumor has it that he would guest in WillTime BigTime one of these days and announce that he accepts tons of trash and plans in converting them to a 'dagat ng basura' where he and his family can bathe everyday. 

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