Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sarah, Gerard and The President Allergic To Bad News

Sarah Geronimo made entertainment headlines recently after her budding love story with actor Gerard Anderson prematurely came to a halt. Thanks to her mom, the notoriously conservative Mommy Divine.

Just a day before that incident the Kapamilya network, during TV Patrol’s 25th anniversary, took a tongue-lashing from the their honorable guest speaker no less than the President of the Philippines: PNOY.

PNOY, without a trace of hesitation and constraint, criticized how bad news seem to be the staple headline of the program and how the main anchor (in this case, former VP Noli De Castro) was unnecessarily bashing him and his administration’s accomplishment.

Two lessons learned here:

First: Be careful who you choose as guest speaker.

Second: If you've done nothing good, keep your mouth shut!

PNOY forgot that he was at the ABS-CBN compound and not in Batasan. It slipped his mind that he was supposed to be a guest speaker not delivering an extension to his SONA.

Aquino was quoted saying: “Ang pagkiling sa negatibismo ay mag-aatras lamang sa dapat sana’y pag-usad na ng ating bayan at mga kapwa Pilipino”

And now that PNOY is already allergic to negative news, why in the world would the Kapamilya network air the break-up episode of Sarah and Gerard? That’s bad news to the nth degree!

Like a faithful dog to his master, Spokesperson Lacierda chose not to highlight the bad news while conducting a press briefing about the typhoon Gener (wrong forecast, late suspension of class etc.) instead, he defended PAG ASA and allied government agencies by saying that they have been providing information without fail via (hold your breath) twitter!

Well, there's nothing wrong there except that the former PAGASA Chief  Prisco Nilo now understands why he was sacked two years ago after typhoon Basyang. Not that he was incompetent or because of the erroneous forecast but because he was not diligent enough to go online and tweet!

In other news, GMA was granted provisional bail for her case on electoral sabotage but since that is bad news, let’s scrap it.

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines quashed De Lima’s motion to junk the disbarment case against her, which means that her ambition to be the next Chief Justice might be in jeopardy. That’s negative news also so let’s cross that one out.

The Philippine Olympic delegation has gotten smaller and smaller over time and has never won a medal since 1996 an indication how sports deteriorated because of lack of support, corruption and politics. Then again, that’s pessimistic and unconstructive, so let’s leave the topic.

What then is a perfect news headline in tonight’s newscast as per Malacanang and PNOY's standard?

BREAKING: Mommy Divine approves Sarah-Gerald relationship; Love is sweeter the second time around.


  1. I think PNOY is still not ready to be a president emotionally at isa pa these anchors are just doing their jobs anu naman ang gusto ni PNOY? puro magagandang balita na lang ang ilabas? hindi ba't gumagawa siya ng maling impresyon sa tao na maayos ang kanyang pamamahala sa pamamagitan ng hindi paglabas ng masamang balita tungkol sa kanya? gusto ba niya maging delusional ang mga pilipino?

    ngayon nagagalit siya.. for what? bec he was caught doing nothing or whatever man ang balita sa kanya? isn't that immature for a president? sana'y noon pa niya ito inasahan bago pa siya tumakbo dahil hindi lang siya isang public figure siya ang presidente ng pilipinas for crying out loud! naku! naku! naku! pinapainit talaga ng PNOY na yan ang ulo ko!

    At anung nangyari sa pagbabalita ng walang pinapanigan?


    Tsk tsk!

  2. Puso mo! hahahaha! thanks for dropping by! :)