Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Farewell Mang Dolphy: The King of Comedy

‘Kung ayaw maraming dahilan, kung gusto maraming paraan’

In a government where Supreme Court rulings can be defied by virtue of a DOJ Secretary’s stubborn interpretation of hold departure orders and where an impeachment case versus the Chief Justice can be railroaded and acted upon less than 24 hours by virtue of the whims of the President, we can’t help but wonder why a recognition cannot be conferred to man every inch deserving of the honor.

“Doon ako natatakot eh. Baka manalo ako. Madaling tumakbo, paano kung manalo?”

In a country where showbiz and politics are interchangeable and artists mistake popularity for competence one man humbly restrained- defying expectations. A man who could have easily snatched a seat in the congress, in the senate, in the Malacanang even, showed the world that winning is not and should not be the end-goal.

‘Stars are not made, they are born’

In a country where the slightest achievement or provocation earns a title ranging from the laughable Prince of Mall shows to the mundane Prince and/or Princess of whatever- kind-of-medium-or-stone comes a King rightfully deserving to be called one. The long list of films made, the box-office stamina, the intangible contributions to the art form, the immeasurable love of the craft and the heart that remained void of arrogance and sense of entitlement.

In a culture that has made it a habit to laugh at someone else’s blooper or interchange comedy with ‘ridicule’ or elicit laugh by making others look and feel like they are either imbecile or hominids, lived a clown who elegantly used comedy to bring genuine laughter and sometimes candid tears.

To the one and only Kevin Cosme and John Puruntong- the image of what many among my generation would identify to as the ideal ‘tatay’ – the Philippines has lost not only a national gem in the field of movie and television but a rare, perhaps one-of-its kind antithesis to the sickening status quo and the unending cycle of pretension and superiority complex.

Sure his life was imperfect but he never claimed to be a saint. Not once preaching about the words of God or tweeting a bible verse or pretended as if he is the only son of God.

Rest in peace Mang Dolphy. This generation and the next would never forget you.

And to those, who in this day and in the next few, would attempt to expedite the National Artist recognition may you one day understand this phrase: ‘Huli man daw at magaling, huli pa rin!’

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  1. To include media's stupidity:
    last nigt on 24 oras, Mel asked brothers Epi and Vandolph about the image of Dolphy praying why do they have that image.
    Epi replied "sa mga huling sandali ni daddy eh nagdadasal na sya ng kapatawaran. Wala na syang hinihingi." beautiful answer.
    and Mel destroyed the moment by giving a surprised laugh with a follow up question "bakit ganun?"