Tuesday, July 17, 2012

QUIZ For The Excommunicated

No cheating! Those who would be caught cheating would be subject to hospital arrest and would be denied burial at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani!

Encircle the best answer. When finished, raise your hands and ask a friend to take the quiz!

TRUE or FALSE: If Jerusalem or Palestine happens to be within the continent of Asia, China would have claimed it as their territory.

If Lazarus’ story would happen in the modern world, what would make him come back from the dead?

A.  Annabelle Rama attending his funeral
B.   Ruffa Gutierrez announcing on twitter that he is already dead.

Should Goliath be alive today, who would be the modern David?

A.     Mahal
B.     Mura
C.     GMA

Noah was asked to build an ark that could only accommodate one specie of a modern animal. Which of the following animal would he most likely save from the great flood:

A.     Annabelle Rama
B.     GMA
C.     None of the above

Should Moses hand over the Ten Commandments to Manny Pacquiao with the option of obliterating one of them, which of the Ten Commandments would Pacquiao get rid of?

A.     Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s wife
B.     Thou shall not commit adultery

If Judas would pass his crown to his next successor who would it most likely be?

A.     Chavit Singson
B.     Franklin Drilon

If Magdalene would appear in the modern times what would majority of the Filipinos have her do?

A.     Pose for FHM
B.     Have a billboard in EDSA

If Moses were alive today what would he rather part?

A.     Tuwid Na Daan
B.     Red Sea
C.     EDSA during rush hours

If Pontius Pilate would be reincarnated who would be his modern manifestation?

A.     NoyNoy Aquino
B.     PNOY
C.     All of the above

If the story of Jonah would have happened today, how will he escape after being swallowed by the shark?

A.     Via text votes. BBE Jonah (vote to evict) or BBS Jonah (vote to save)
B.     Via twitter trending. #JonahOUT #SaveJonah
C.     By blaming GMA

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