Friday, July 13, 2012

Social Class, Magnum and Fastest Fingers First

Haagen Dazs is pulling out their business in the Philippines- a classic case of wrong target market. Instead of targeting the Class A and B they should have targeted the ‘social climbing class’ of this country. Magnum has been successful so far.

Social stratification evolves per generation.

In ancient Philippines we have slaves (alipin sagigilid and namamahay), the freemen and the noble class. Recent SWS and Pulse Survey Asia tag social class using letters A-E which denotes the financial capability of the cluster (in descending order).

Class A (rich) make up for 5% of the population, B and C (middle-class) constitutes 30%, D and E comprise 45% and the rest belongs to the Magnum-eating class.

Lesson: Money can’t buy class. Progress in financial status does not guarantee evolution in terms of decency.

Twitter is the new melting pot of social classes. It is where the elites broadcast their opinions; the celebrities reveal their IQ and EQ levels and the Magnum-eating class showcase their check-in at Greenbelt and Rockwell.

Still on twitter, instead of #RIPDolphy, #RIPRuffa almost made it to the worldwide twitter trending topics.

This was after she prematurely posted a twitter message announcing the demise of The King of Comedy.

If Ruffa is a contestant in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire she would have been the runaway winner in the ‘fastest-finger-first’ round.

While in the topic of fastest fingers, Mrs. Guidote-Alvarez pointed her fingers to PNOY in the pending case of Dolphy’s National Artist status. 

If this happens to be true it might be the greatest enigma of this decade why an impeachment case against a Chief Justice can be signed by 250+ congressmen in less than 24 hours and NOT decree which just requires a single one?

Question: If both Ruffa Gutierez and members of the congress (who signed the impeachment case in a flash) would compete in the fastest fingers first- who would have won?

The answer: ABS-CBN. When they released their Dolphy tribute milli-seconds after the confirmation of his death.

POST SCRIPT: Villar’s Nacionalista Party is coalescing with PNOY’s Liberal Party. I wonder what happened to LP’s allegation of corruption to Villar and NP’s allegation of mental instability to PNOY?

LESSON: If you want to move on fast from a heartbreak, be a politician. 

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