Sunday, July 22, 2012

SONA Certainties and The Batasan Zoo

I woke up today wondering if it was Philippine Fashion Week when I opened the television only to find out that it is that day of the year again when public officials employ fashion designers to create their gowns, ternos and barongs that they will wear as they attend the SONA also known as ‘in-fairness-to-my-administration-annual-speech’.

The morning newscast anchor would repeatedly ask the congressman, congresswoman and senators this question: ‘Who are you wearing today?’

And these public officials would smile and often say: Rajo Laurel , Randy Ortiz or Paul Cabral but not one would dare say ‘Oh I’m wearing the taxpayer’s money!’

As certain as SONA being a venue for the search for the best dressed public official is the fact that PNOY will brag about his administration’s accomplishment in terms of ousting Corona and filing a case against Arroyo.

Guess what?

Arroyo was able to file a substantial plunder case against ERAP in TWO MONTHS. Aquino took more than TWO YEARS!

But with recent surveys saying that more and more Filipinos are considering themselves as poor and popularity and approval ratings of the PNOY administration spiraling down fast the only way that NoyNoy can solicit thunderous claps from the audience would be to bash Arroyo and her allies.

The irony of it all is the fact that the same audience who would clap at the mention of PNOY’s anti-corruption rhetoric were the same Arroyo cronies who gave her standing ovations when she delivered her SONA nine times.

Who says you can’t teach old monkeys new tricks?

Outside the Batasan building is the usual protest of activist groups who are not satisfied with the President’s performance, which makes you wonder if they are doing it out of conviction or just mere tradition.

One thing is for sure though- they never liked ANY Philippine President. And it would stay that way as certain as Annabelle Rama making enemies every month.

Speaking of Annabelle Rama, if and when she is elected as one of Cebu’s representative in the Congress, the next SONA would surely become more exciting.

Imagine the GMA allies inviting either Nadia Montenegro or Amalia Fuentes (or whoever her enemy is at that point in time) a simple, effortless provocation would surely make Annabelle go berserk  and only then will the Philippine Congress be officially recognized by the Guinness Book Of Records as one of the most sophisticated zoos in the world- a recognition it so deserves. 

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