Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Brilliant Neil Tupas In Search For The Next Chief Justice

Almost like a reality talent search the Judicial Bar Council opted to televise the interview process for the next Chief Justice in the name of transparency and foreshadowing the eventual nomination of Sec. Laila De Lima.

In a nation obsessed with Big Brother shows and enchanted by the ‘Tuwid Na Daan’ spell such as ours, aren’t we all guilty of equating a televised proceeding to transparency and transparency to truth and fairness?

The selection process is said to consider three things in a candidate: probity, independence and competence.

Obviously the same criteria cannot be used as a yardstick to measure the aptitude of the panel of judges.

Enter the ‘late’ Rep. Neil Tupas of the famous prosecution team in the recently concluded impeachment case against the Chief Justice.

Yes, the brilliant Neil Tupas came in late on the first day of the televised interview process. Why?

(A)  He had to drop by at Malacanang for the questionnaire which should be given directly to De Lima

(B)  Woke up late because he had to prepare for the questions the other night. Suffering from mental block ever since God knows when.

(C)  He had to drop by at St. Lukes as his hands were severely numb and swelling due to excessive clapping in SONA.

So if Tupas is the one evaluating fitness of a CJ candidate, aren’t we all in serious trouble? Apparently, only one representative from the Congress and Senate would be allowed to sit in as member of the JBC as per recent Supreme Court ruling. 

Sen. Chiz Escudero, representative of the Senate, chose to give way because he was busy taping the latest episode of KrisTV.

Prior to the selection process, PNOY was quoted saying De Lima among top choice for CJ.

Why state the obvious?

The same article exposed that among PNOY’s choice was Franklin Drilon.

There goes your incentive for taking the role of lead prosecutor during days when Cong Neil Tupas was mentally incapacitated (which is like almost every day).

During the JBC live interview process, De Lima was quoted saying that she will focus on judicial independence.

Remind me again why a lie detector test is not part of this process?

In the same venue, De Lima declared that academic credentials should not be the sole requirement for a CJ. 

Neil Tupas jumped for joy! He still has a fighting chance!

De Lima hopes the disbarment case filed against her would be resolved before the deadline set by JBC otherwise she would be technically knocked out of the CJ list. 

I suppose she can sit and relax, PNOY was able to conjure an impeachment against Corona in less than 24 hours.

The JBC will endorse the names of the nominees to PNOY before July 31 which should give the President 30 days to decide who to appoint. 

BREAKING NEWS: Laila De Lima's victory party is slated August 1.

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