Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Of Half Bloods and Hypocrisy

(As featured in rappler.com as Editor's pick)

Bayo (clothing brand) made twitter headlines when a number of ‘netizens’ found its recent marketing campaign offensive.

A certain line in the poster contains these words ‘call it biased but the mixing and matching of different nationalities with Filipino blood is almost a sure formula for someone beautiful and world class’

photo from Bayo website

You really find it offensive? Really?

If that is not being ‘balat-sibuyas’ to the extreme level then it cannot be anything else but plain hypocrisy.

Fact #1: The line just states a ‘fact’, nothing more. It does not claim anything else other than what it asserts. It does NOT even say that BEAUTY is EXCLUSIVE to those who are ‘half-breeds’ - it simply states that they generally are.

Fact #2: Nowhere in the article states that being pure Filipino is ugly or cannot be beautiful. This deduction is made by quasi-patriotic nincompoops who love exaggerating issues on ‘Pinoy Pride’.

Fact #3: Models, Celebrities, Movie and TV stars which these ‘offended netizens’ patronize are either half Filipino with a mix of the following (but not limited to) race: Chinese, Japanese, American, British, Brazilian, Spanish, etc. I cannot fathom how they would scream seeing Anne Curtis at one point and frown when a comment like ‘most half-breeds are beautiful’ is uttered. What gives?

Fact #4: When you have a Lady Gaga concert followed by the American Idol finals and then later by the conclusion of the Impeachment Trial, people need another ‘major event’ to dip their fingers into. Sorry Jasmine Curtis, your Bayo billboard came when Philippines was idle.

photo from kapitankokak.blogspot.com

On other news, owners of the legendary Likas Papaya Soap along with several major whitening lotions and products denied allegations of them being a major catalyst for the degradation of ‘nationalism’ among Filipino teenage girls who wants to have fair skin.

As a counter-attack, a mass protest is being planned to be staged at the EDSA Monument which aims to condemn makers of glutathione products for proliferating the concept of 'caucasian beauty'.

Which brings us to:

FACT #5: Scrap hypocrisy and what do you have? 70% of the population wanting to look foreign.

Photo from gmanetwork.com

‘Maganda ang pelikula parang gawang Hollywood! (the film was great! As if made by Hollywood companies), said the very proud director and producer echoed also by the actors and actresses during their TV promotions.

Question is: Aren't they supposed to be stoned to death by these so-called defenders of the 'Pinoy Pride'?

The Answer: Maybe because these so called 'patriots' are also busy watching the latest installment of the Avengers franchise or the Transformers series. 

photo from facebook.com


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  2. Haha! Spot-on! Some would even go as far as claiming to be descendants of Russian Monarchs:
    as one commenter goes, "they (writer/publisher) are setting up a dopey story so the mass of dimwit people who read without thinking will believe it and add another feather to Pinoy brown Pride. Forcing us, no. Making it so that it’sounds believable enough to the masa, yes."