Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Aftermath Of The Impeachment Verdict

Now it can be told ex-Chief Justice Renato Corona went down to history as the first impeachable officer to be removed from the office by virtue of a 20-3 Senate Impeachment Court vote. He also was the first official to use Medical City as a refuge as instead of St. Lukes!

Because the Impeachment Season is over the search for the next Chief Magistrate of Justice is now in the works! Here’s how it would work:

‘Auditionees’ from all over the country would need to be chosen by a panel of judges, preferably composed of the Ombudsman, members of the Liberal Party and 2/3 of the congress.

Those who will make it to the first round will battle each week by presenting their SALN to the public and demonstrate if they have declared their dollar deposits.

The public will then determine the final two via text votes and phone call to a toll-free landline.

The ‘finalists’ would then face each other in an oral argument on how Gloria Macapagal Arroyo can be convicted of plunder with PNOY as the sole judge of competence!

Meanwhile, many are now commenting how the entire impeachment trial was a waste of public funds. Things would have been easier if it was Alfredo Lim who is the President- he would just simply spray paint the house of Corona with the message: ‘Mandarambong Alis Dito!’

After the result of the verdict has been made known, Justice Cuevas’ impeccable trial track record now has a blemish. His record now stands at 100,547 wins, 3 draws, 98,765 KO and 1 loss. ‘Hindi pa tapos ang boksing’, he was quoted saying.

Apart from the ‘faulty interpretation' of the Foreign Currency Act it was the testimony of Ombudsman Conchita Morales and Corona himself that handed the win to the prosecution. So Neil Tupas, yes, you still suck!

Speech writers of the President expressed relief in the conviction verdict. Finally they have something to write as  an ‘accomplishment’ in the SONA this year!

CJ Corona, although he lost his post as the Chief Justice, has been contacted by the Malacanang to be the poster boy of the ‘daang matuwid campaign!’

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