Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Post Independence Day Rumblings: Tax, Corruption, Heroes and Identity

When I was young I often wonder why we need to confess our sins to the priest and not just ask for forgiveness directly from God? Most of the time I am left puzzled how the priest would concoct and determine the combination and frequency of ‘Hail Mary’s’ and ‘Our Father’s’ that one should recite.

Growing up, I learned that Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s do not make one holy or righteous.

Sharon Cuneta, Manny Pacquiao and Mirriam Quiambao think quoting a bible verse will do the trick!

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When I was young I thought that Iglesia Ni Cristo is the only reliable solid voting bloc in the country.

Growing up, I learned that ARMM, particularly Maguindanao can deliver just as much votes if not more.

When I was young I was taught ‘Crime Does Not Pay’

Growing up, I learned that the sentence was unfinished. The other part being: ‘with exceptions if your last name happens to be Ampatuan’.

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When I was in school I thought only the best and the brightest gets elected to be the President of the Student Council. And while some can get their way through charm and charisma, they are often the exception not the rule.

Growing up, I learned that just by bashing the previous administration as frequent as you can, you could be elected at the highest post in the land. Of course it would help if your parents were considered ‘heroes’ too.

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In school we were taught that cheating was just plain wrong.

Never did I know that I can get away with it by saying ‘ I …. Am….. Sorry…. It was a lapse in judgment.

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Not so long ago, I asked why are we naming Manny Pacquiao- ‘Pambansang Kamao’ virtually elevating him to a status slightly lower than Rizal (National Hero) but higher than Bonifacio (National Hero Runner Up)?

And I ask this question because US did not name Tiger Woods ‘The National Golfer’ or Michael Jordan ‘The National Basketball Player’ or Rafael Nadal as Spain’s ‘National Tennis Player’.

Recent happenings in NAIA though make Claudine a strong candidate for the title 'National Punch' should Pacquiao just decide to concentrate in preaching.

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When I was young I thought corruption was a concept.

When I started working and learned how painful tax deductions were, I was convinced that corruption was a crime.

When I was young I thought robbery were committed by the indigent and desperate.

Growing up I learned it is  the bread and butter some of the richest men in the country, occupying government seats.

I also learned that the society does not call them ‘magnanakaw’ but rather they call them ‘Honorable (Insert Position and Name Here) and that they go to Las Vegas once or twice in a year to personally watch the most recent bout promoted by Top Rank and Bob Arum.

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When I was young I thought Independence Day meant making and waving the Philippine Flag and recounting the history of the first democratic nation in Asia.

Growing up I learned it could mean as random as Jessica Sanchez, the Bayo Campaign and yes, Manny Pacquiao.


  1. Agree on everything but I love the painful tax deduction part!! Well said..

    1. Don't we all just say OUCH! twice a month, 24 times a year! =)

  2. I love everything in this blog. Great stuff here Aris!

    1. Thanks Ate Gel! Very glad you dropped by!