Monday, November 26, 2012

Enteng, Rattle and Roll!

It’s summer in December! Unprecedented. 

I don’t know if this is heaven’s way of punishing the Philippine Islands for patronizing the yearly MMFF. All I know is halo-halo is the new star of the Noche Buena!

BREAKING: Puto Bumbong production is currently on hold. Vendors are thinking of replacing it with ice drop or dirty ice cream in time for the yearly tradition of ‘Simbang Gabi!’

If you think that the hot weather at this time of the year is bad and the Twilight movie franchise is worse, wait till you see the line-up of the movies at this year’s MMFF!

Kung kanin ang staple food sa hapag ng mga Pilipino, si Enteng, Si Agimat at ang Shake Rattle and Roll ang constant sa equation ng MMFF.

Well, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the movies outlined above. I myself is a self-confessed fan of the earlier versions of the Shake, Rattle and Roll series.

The problem lies when these movie franchises are canned and intentionally made to monopolize the venue that is said to showcase and celebrate Filipino creativity, artistry and film-making genius.

Did you know that some 30 years ago, when this annual event was inaugurated (1975) it became the platform for films like Burlesk Queen, Karnal,  Atsay, Bulaklak ng City Jail, Ang Totoong Buhay Ni Pacita M. and yes, Himala!

What happened?

Well producers say the mass needs to be entertained and by entertainment they mean slapstick comedy and cheap scare tactics and shallow plots and excruciatingly bad acting oftentimes relying on surnames, bankability or just like twilight- love teams.

Speaking of Himala, it would be shown in high definition a couple of weeks before MMFF which makes me feel both excited and sad. What happened to the filmmaking industry in the Philippines?

Are we as dumb as these producers perceive us to be?


How else can a parent stomach their children’s hard-earned pamasko to be spent on the nth installment of the Kabisote franchise?

The movie line up for this year is not any different from the previous years. The only exciting spectacle that can be derived out of this yearly MMFF is if one among the Kabisote or Agimat or Shake Rattle and Roll decides to drop. Thanks Mano Po!

By undermining the capacity of the Filipino to understand and enjoy a good movie, the filmmakers of this country is doing us a disservice. By patronizing garbage outputs we are not only wasting our money but we are proving them right.

So anong bago this December?

Summer. Yun lang. Let’s all go to Boracay! For a change.


  1. This is the reason why I am so happy that other film fest like Cinemalaya and Cinemanila are really gaining steam in the country. Tamang ang MMFF na lang ang pang-masa then focus on the aforementioned film fests na lang for quality :D

  2. I guess it's there last attempt to save our
    "Local film industry "

    Which i still don't get why they have to block all international film and released cheaply made films that are just somehow inspire , remake or copied from international films.

    Maybe they can just make great films instead than hyping films with bad scripts ...

    But as we torment on the telenovelas all day every day and the following day of the Philippines local television...

    I guess there's no hope...sama na lang ako sa bora ha!

  3. The last time I went to the movies on a xmas day was 2001. It's only because my lit professor forced us to watch the MMFF entries and make some reviews.. After that I vowed never to see the big screen again on a xmas day.. One thing I hate about xmas?? It's that I have a lot of money and friends available but no good movies to watch..

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