Thursday, December 6, 2012

Price Tag: It's Not About The Money, Manny!

Manny Pacquiao will be facing Juan Manuel Marquez for the fourth time this Sunday. Their match up is second only to the ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’ series in terms of frequency. When it will ever end?

Manny will face Marquez once again to ‘finally’ settle the score. I don’t know if Bob Arum knows the definition of  the word ‘final’.

Pacman will once again get world-wide attention for his upcoming bout with Marquez. To those who are going to church this Sunday please make sure you say a little prayer for all our kababayans who still thinks that a Pacman victory is tantamount to national pride.

Congressman Manny would take home the lion’s share in Sunday’s bout. Kung talagang lumalaban para sa bayan, I guess its time to donate 100% of the profit to the victims of the recent typhoon in Mindanao! Not gonna happen! According to Jinkee, Hermes, Birkin and Louis Vitton.

TV stations would once again flock to General Santos City to get a footage of Mommy Dionesia on her knees praying intently with matching passing out. Any Pacman fight would not be complete without this news clip. Problem is Halloween is over!

Those who have been scared to troop the mall for a Christmas shopping, Sunday is your best bet! The entire Metro Manila turns into a ghost town during Pacman fights and so is the Batasan!

I am glad that our honorable congressmen are still able to go to Batasan at this time of the year nakakahiya naman kasi sa kanila kung hindi nila mapapanood LIVE ang Pacman-Marquez di ba?

Sports analysts are saying that the Pacman-Marquez bout would be all out. If that is the case, both boxers might have stitches after the fight. Jinkee on the other hand would be contented just to have another shot of botox. Kutis wax-museum ang peg.

The Mayans, when they predicted the apocalypse, actually had the vision of Mommy Dionesia and her rebulto plus the dramatic and proverbial ‘himatay’ moment. The end of the world as we know it is not Dec 21 but rather Dec 9. 

Oh wait! There’s still the Metro Manila Festival on Dec 25!

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