Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fafa, Filipinas, Filipina, Full Tank Nyo Na!


The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines recently criticized the content of GMA’s new teleserye ‘My Husband’s Lover’, which tackles man-to-man relationship.

The reaction came as a surprise to no one since the religious group has been known to be a staunch opposition of anything related to homosexuality- except of course those that involve priests and altar boys.

The spokesperson of CBCP cautioned the television network to be sensitive of the viewer’s morals and urged them to craft shows that are within the boundaries of morality.

Short of saying ‘just please continue with teleseryes that are filled with rape, kidnappings, adultery and murders from start to finish.’


Meanwhile, the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino made headlines with their proposal to do away with 'Philippines' and 'Pilipinas' and instead use 'Filipinas' as our country’s official name.

They argue that the continued use of ‘Philippines’ reeks of colonial mentality, as if it’s any different when ‘Filipinas’ is used.

The group justified the proposal by saying that doing so would unify our country. If that is the case, then our country should have been named Manny Pacquiao.


A Filipina is bound to be executed in China after being identified as a drug mule. If only her last name was Singson not only would she escape death sentence, she would also be re-elected as congressman!

Full Tank Nyo Na!

Deposed President and convicted plunderer Joseph Estrada (now Mayor of Manila) was quoted saying that he was jailed because of his principles!

Now that stealing is a principle, we are indeed lucky to be have very principled congressmen, mayors and governors!

According to news, Maynilad and Manila Water Company passed on 15 billion pesos worth of corporate taxes to its consumers including income tax of its executives!

I shouldn’t have dreamt of being a lawyer or a teacher or a doctor or a pilot when I was a kid. I should have aspired to become an MWSS executive.

This revelation is expected to hurt the sensitivities of the Catholic Church which has been known for the longest time as an institution that is insulated from paying taxes. 

Only in Filipinas!


  1. Ang daming F ng post na ito! Very informative at napapanahon. Kahit may humor yong mga side comments, the truth lies somewhere in between.

    It's more Fun in Filipinas!