Wednesday, February 4, 2015

#EhDiWow: Questions That Bother The Soul

In life, there is not always an answer but there are surely a lot of questions. Here are some of mine:

Question to Nancy Binay: What gown should our next Miss Universe candidate wear?

Question to Napoles: How did it feel that for one day (after Philippines failed to enter the Top 5 of the Miss Universe pageant) you were not the most hated woman in the country?
Question to Stella Araneta: Do you have an obsession with cakes? Yung totoo?!

Question to Binay: When the Pope mentioned that we should fight corruption in any form,  did you feel anything at all? Hiya? Kunsensya? Wala?!
Question to the Pope: When you said mercy and compassion, that was before you met the Binays right?!

Question to the Luneta priest during the Pope’s visit: Did Showtime contact you already?
Question to PNOY: If the day would come that you are scheduled to attend a celebrity wedding ceremony, the opening of another car plant and an interview with Vice Ganda-  which would you prioritize?
Question to GMA: What did you feel when, for the first time in the history of his administration; PNOY did not blame this issue of botched Maguinadanao SAF operations (#Fallen44) to you?

Question to The Queen Of All Media: Suppose one day, Darla made the unthinkable mistake of criticizing PNOY, would you bestow to her the capital punishment of unfollowing her on Instagrm?

Question to Bimby: Are you ready to be featured in nationwide news platforms in the Philippines once your mom confirms that you have been circumcised in the very near 

Insert The Buzz + Aquino and Abunda followed by TV Patrol and Bandila coverage on the monumental event bound to be a national issue:
Kris: Darlaaa! Faster! Bimby will be late na in his appointment!  The doctor is waiting!
Boy: Krizzy, eto na ba ang hinihintay ng buong sambayanan? Binata na nga ba si Bimby?
Kris: (rolls eyes) Yes Bhoy! I asked Noynoy nga to come with us sa hospital but he had to say no kasi daw baka i-bash nanaman siya sa social media na kung ano anong event nakaka attend siya. Eh hellow Bhoy! This is Bimb we are talking about no!
Boy: Puso sa puso Krizzy, I was always curious, did Kuya Josh went to have the same procedure?
Kris: (rolls eyes) you talaga Bhoy! Stop na! Darla! Si Bhoy! Nakakalokaaaah! I will unfollow you sa Instagrm sige ka! Hahaha!

Bonus Question to Ed Sheeran: Why only love her till seventy?

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