Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Plunder Quiz

In recent news, Dominga Cadelina (the former maid of Janet Napoles) who was sent to jail for qualified theft, was seen on the television last night saying that she knew a lot of things that is why she was placed behind bars.

If you were Cadelina and Napoles filed a case of theft against you, what would you have said?

A.     Hiyang-hiya naman ako sayo ma’am! Ako pa ang magnanakaw ngayon?
B.     Kung magnanakaw ako, anong tawag po sayo ma’am?
C.     Pag maid magnanakaw agad ma’am? Pag senador napag-initan lang?
D.    Bago niyo ako ikulong mag-privilege speech muna ako! This is unfair ma’am!

PNOY was fuming when he was recently named ‘Pork Barrel King’ after the public learned of the irregularities in the pork barrel distributed during the Corona trial for those senators who voted for conviction.

In his official statement PNOY reverted back to old tricks and played the blame game by slamming the name of ex-president GMA and how her administration mishandled funds.

If you were GMA what would your reaction be?

A.     Eto na nga ang daang matuwid! Ang shaya-shaya noh?!
B.     PNOY, move on move on din pag may time noh?!
C.     Yung totoo? Gaya-gaya lang kay Jinggoy? Pag nahuli turo sha iba?
D.    Hiyang-hiya naman kashi ako sa kalinishan ng administrashyon mo noh?!

Jinggoy delivered a privilege speech crying foul and saying that selective justice is injustice. In the same speech he said that there is a government official who provided Jollibee receipts as pork barrel liquidation.

If you were Jollibee, what would you have told Jinggoy?

A.     Mas maganda kung nag resign ka na lang kesa nag privilege speech ka!
B.     Naks! Idol! Successful ang diversionary tactics! Bida ang saya!
C.     Thank you for the free advertisement! Langhap na langhap ang sarap!
D.    At least kami nag issue ng resibo, si bestfriend Napoles mo ba?

There have been two installments of Chito Miranda sex scandal, one for Wally Bayola, the attack of Habagat which submerged the greater Metro Manila, the Zamboanga crisis and Megan taking our first Miss World crown but the pork barrel scandal remains at the headlines of news.

If you were Napoles, Jinggoy, Bong and JPE what would your reaction be?

A.     Naknamputsa naman! Wala bang bagong pasabog si Kris Aquino?!
B.     Ara Arida! Please win the Miss Universe!
C.     Wala bang sex scandal si PNOY at si Grace Lee?
D.    Mayweather! Labanan mo na kasi si Pacquiao!

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