Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Top 5 Most Irritating Political Ads on TV

It is impossible to tune in to the TV nowadays and not catch a single political ad. Here are the standouts:

TOP 5: Koko Pimentel still shouting fraud versus Migs Zubiri. Someone please tell the Senator there is such a thing as moving on.

TOP 4: Mrs. Villar’s irritating ad repeating the words ‘hanep na ang buhay basta’t may hanapbuhay!’. Mas hanep yata ang buhay pag walang epal?

TOP 3: Bam Aquino recounting how he is affiliated with Ninoy and Cory and NoyNoy. Did he purposely miss out Kris?

TOP 2: Jack Enrile’s ad with the tag line ‘Gusto Ko May Pagkain Ka!’  Yung totoo? Is this Jack Enrile running for Senator or a contestant in Master Chef? The next time you don’t have lunch or dinner you know who to bother!

TOP 1: If Grace Poe really wants to continue her father’s legacy why didn’t she start exploring a career as an action star first?


ERAP as Mayor of Manila, convicted plunderer, Jalosjos convited rapist. Filipinos have a knack for electing criminals.

Surveys indicating that Jack Enrile, Nancy Binay and JV Ejercito within the Magic 12 of the senatoriables. Filipinos really love family reunions, don’t you think?

Recent survey showing the massive decline in the attendance of Catholic churchgoers and I was like, ‘Really? We need a survey to realize that long standing fact?’

The Catholic Church came up with Team Buhay and Team Patay to let people know about who voted for and against the RH Bill.

I wonder if we, the citizens of this country, can also come up with Team Halay to list down priests who are guilty of sexual abuse?

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  1. ughhh! ako naman gusto ko mag-list ng mga campaign jingles na nilapatan ang mga pop songs. kalurks!