Monday, January 7, 2013

I Wonder

Growing up watching Japanese cartoons and sentai series I have always wondered why villains won’t attack the heroes as they are on the process of transformation.

Today, I cannot fathom why Filipinos who can’t even afford to eat a decent meal three times a day can afford to have a mobile phone or maintain a facebook account.

When I was a kid, I could not understand why my parents would say ‘finish your meal, there are a lot of hungry children out there!’ as if finishing my meal would make those kids full!

When I was a kid I find it odd that ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ was a song for children. 

Often times, I am left asking, which is more shocking? To see your mom kissing an old guy dressed in red or waking up on Christmas day with your stockings empty?

Since I started working, every Christmas I cannot reconcile how a Filipino employee could spend a year’s worth of bonus in one day of festivity which they say is supposed to be a celebration of all things that is not material- such as love, hope and peace!

When I turned 14 years old I figured that I have been fooled into believing that jumping as high as you can during New Year’s eve would make you taller. It’s supposed to only make you tired.

This year as the entire world greets the new year, I just can’t accept that a lot of people subscribed to the ‘Oplan Balik Alindog’ slogan. 

My biggest objection: 'How can you return something that has not been there in the first place?'

When I was in grade school I often wondered what’s the criteria for choosing that person designated to list down ‘noisy’ classmates on the blackboard.

When I turned eighteen I resigned to the fact that choosing that person who is responsible for listing down the noisy classmates is less arbitrary than the criteria for choosing our mayors and senators and presidents.

Who among us did not find it ironic that a blackboard is colored green?

Then again you grow up in a country where the righteous claim to be of the color yellow.

When I was a kid, I dread school. When I graduated, I dread work, but what I don’t understand is how Monday has been a constant dread.

Up to this day I cannot comprehend why every parent would say that education is our greatest treasure and how our leaders say that teachers are the noblest of all professions while the government’s budget for education dwindles every year.

As a kid I accepted without question or doubt that constant prayers and regular visits to the church would make me a better person not until I realized, some years later, that some of the most evil person on earth actually takes the Holy Communion for breakfast.

When I was in school, I was taught that acing the exams and giving accurate answers in recitations would make me the best. Growing up I’ve learned that failure is the best teacher.

In kindergarten, I often wondered why even if I beat King Koopa in the video game Mario Brothers, I couldn’t seem to save the princess. 

Growing up I have learned that I have to beat myself to save myself. 

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